The first thing you need to do while hiring a custom home builder is to thoroughly check the past work of the builder. The first question you need to ask the builder is that you need to ask him to show the portfolio. If the builder has a website, you need to fully check the website of the builder. Most builders would have the pictures of the homes they built on their website. So, you can first check the pictures. Some builders would even have videos featured on their website. They might even have a YouTube channel with videos of the homes they have built. You just need to have the patience to look for the channel and go through all the videos.

If at all you know a builder who doesn’t have a website, but you think that the builder is good, you need not reject the builder just because the builder does not have a dedicated website. The builder might have a lot of offline resources with references to his past work. Of course, it might be a little risky during the current pandemic situation. But, you need to take a little risk.