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How to Hire Your Custom Home Builder and Architect


When you start a new custom luxury home project, you can hire your architect and builder in many different ways. You can first hire the builder and then hire the architect. You can use the reverse approach too wherein you first hire the architect and then go about the choosing the builder. You can choose the custom home builder and the architect from the same company. For example, if you hire Merlin for your custom home project in Las Vegas, you will get a full team of builders, designers, architects and other professionals who will take care of your project from the start to the end.

There is no correct or incorrect way to do this. But, it is always recommended that you choose them in such a way that they are able to collaborate and work on the project together. I have seen projects where the architect works separately and the builder works separately. They would hardly meet. Such projects can experience many delays and mistakes. This can also lead to unplanned expenditure and can spike your overall budget.

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Merlin: High Quality Custom Home Builder

Merlin is a company which is known for its extensive experience in the field of custom home construction in Las Vegas and in the whole state of Nevada. It has built many luxury homes in the prominent neighborhoods in Nevada. It is a highly committed firm which takes pride in customer satisfaction. It is well known for sticking to all of the standards in the home construction industry. It pays attention to every single detail during the whole construction process and keeps the client informed in a timely manner.

Merlin has set very high quality standards for custom home construction. Hence it is very difficult to find a company in Las Vegas which is better than Merlin in terms of delivery quality. Of course, they may be a little on the higher side with regards to the cost. But, they make it for the high cost with their top notch service and high quality custom home construction. They build custom luxury homes in such a way that the clients would truly feel unique about their home. You can take a look at their portfolio on their website.

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Checking the Past Work of a Custom Home Builder

The first thing you need to do while hiring a custom home builder is to thoroughly check the past work of the builder. The first question you need to ask the builder is that you need to ask him to show the portfolio. If the builder has a website, you need to fully check the website of the builder. Most builders would have the pictures of the homes they built on their website. So, you can first check the pictures. Some builders would even have videos featured on their website. They might even have a YouTube channel with videos of the homes they have built. You just need to have the patience to look for the channel and go through all the videos.

If at all you know a builder who doesn’t have a website, but you think that the builder is good, you need not reject the builder just because the builder does not have a dedicated website. The builder might have a lot of offline resources with references to his past work. Of course, it might be a little risky during the current pandemic situation. But, you need to take a little risk.


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