Unique Ideas for Custom Homes

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When you are planning a custom home building project, your mind would be flooded with lots of ideas. You might be dreaming of a home with a large living area, outdoor area and so on. Here are some more unique ideas for your custom home.

You might want to have floating staircases inside your home. Such staircases would be visually very appealing. There would be this illusion of the staircases not connected to each other. This would definitely be unique.

When it comes to kitchen design, you can go for double island kitchens. Such kitchens would look quite spacious and make way for enjoyable social get-togethers. They also help in organization when you are cooking and save time.

A swimming pool in the balcony is a very unique idea which you would normally not find in most custom homes. It is not mandatory to have a swimming pool only on the ground. Of course, maintenance may be a little more difficult but balcony swimming pool is definitely a unique idea.

If you want to implement such unique ideas for your custom home project in Las Vegas, then you should hire Merlin Custom Home Builders.


Being Flexible While Building a Custom Home

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When you are planning to build a new custom luxury home, if you want it to turn out exactly as had designed or imagined, it can lead to disappointments, frustrations and unnecessary expenses. It doesn’t hurt to be a little flexible with your expectations. As long as the overall design or plan doesn’t change, you should not worry too much. Of course, you need to have a clear discussion with your builder and set the expectations right. Being too rigid while building a custom home can make the whole process very difficult to deal with. You should learn to have fun during the project.

Mistakes can happen while building a custom home. So, you should not get too hung up on them. You can be a little forgiving with your custom home builder as long as a mistake isn’t a huge blunder. Building a custom home is like creating a piece of art even though most people don’t realize it. So, you should feel the whole experience and feel it. 



Myths Surrounding Custom Homes

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There is a common myth that only rich people can buy or build custom homes which is not completely true. I have personally known people from different income ranges building custom homes. There is one thing which needs to be understood about custom homes. A custom home is not just about a large luxurious home. It can be a home of any size as long as the home is built according to the inputs of the homeowner. So, it is very much possible to build a custom home of any budget and it is not necessary that only rich people own custom homes.

There is another common myth that building a custom home is time consuming. This is true to an extent but it largely depends on many different factors. The choice of the custom home builder dictates how long the project takes to complete. Also, the level of customization  determines the complexity of the project which in turn determines how long the project may take from the start to the end. There are many more myths concerning custom homes.


Merlin: High Quality Custom Home Builder

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Merlin is a company which is known for its extensive experience in the field of custom home construction in Las Vegas and in the whole state of Nevada. It has built many luxury homes in the prominent neighborhoods in Nevada. It is a highly committed firm which takes pride in customer satisfaction. It is well known for sticking to all of the standards in the home construction industry. It pays attention to every single detail during the whole construction process and keeps the client informed in a timely manner.

Merlin has set very high quality standards for custom home construction. Hence it is very difficult to find a company in Las Vegas which is better than Merlin in terms of delivery quality. Of course, they may be a little on the higher side with regards to the cost. But, they make it for the high cost with their top notch service and high quality custom home construction. They build custom luxury homes in such a way that the clients would truly feel unique about their home. You can take a look at their portfolio on their website.


Importance of Hiring a Local Custom Home Builder

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You have lots of options when it comes to building a custom luxury home. Hiring the builder is probably the most important decision you have to make. Too many things can go wrong if you hire the wrong builder and you would end up losing a lot of money in the process.

It is always better to hire a local custom home builder than hiring someone who is not really familiar with the locality. For example, if you are planning to build a custom home in Las Vegas, it is better to hire a local custom home builder such as Merlin custom home builders. They would know Las Vegas better than any other builder in the country. They know what kind of materials to use in the construction. They would know how to get permits and approvals in the city. They would do all the heavy lifting on your behalf. There are a lot more benefits to hiring a local custom home builder. You would have a hassle-free experience.


Checking the Past Work of a Custom Home Builder

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The first thing you need to do while hiring a custom home builder is to thoroughly check the past work of the builder. The first question you need to ask the builder is that you need to ask him to show the portfolio. If the builder has a website, you need to fully check the website of the builder. Most builders would have the pictures of the homes they built on their website. So, you can first check the pictures. Some builders would even have videos featured on their website. They might even have a YouTube channel with videos of the homes they have built. You just need to have the patience to look for the channel and go through all the videos.

If at all you know a builder who doesn’t have a website, but you think that the builder is good, you need not reject the builder just because the builder does not have a dedicated website. The builder might have a lot of offline resources with references to his past work. Of course, it might be a little risky during the current pandemic situation. But, you need to take a little risk.



Importance of Communication in a Custom Home Project

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If you want to avoid all kinds of headaches during a custom home construction project, you need to ensure that the communication with your builder is proper. There is a popular phrase in English which is “Lost in Translation”. It usually happens in custom home projects when there is no proper communication between the custom home builder and the client.

The success of a custom home project lies in how well the builder translates the design of a custom home into real construction. Most clients would want the design to be realized 100%. But, it is a nearly impossible thing to achieve. But, a construction which is close to 80% of the design is definitely achievable. But, for that to happen, you need to be on good terms with the builder throughout the project. The builder you have chosen should be willing to listen to your ideas and requests at all times.The builder should be willing to talk to your architect and the designer if need arises.

If you are on the lookout for such a builder in Las Vegas, then you should go for Merlin Custom Home Builders.


Why You Should Hire the Best Custom Home Builder?

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A custom home development project is a matter of making the right choices at the right time. The first right choice that you have to make is to hire the right builder who is a specialist in building custom homes. Merlin custom home builders is one of the leading custom home building firms based in Las Vegas. If you are around this locality, then you can hire this firm without any second thoughts. Your objective should always be to hire the best in the business. Merlin is one of the best in the business.

The best custom home building company would only use the best raw materials, best workers for your project. Of course, they would charge you a little more than a regular home builder. But, investing in such a builder is definitely worth it.

The standards of the custom home that you ultimately end up with after the construction of the home should be far greater than what you had initially envisioned. That would happen only when you choose the best custom home builder like Merlin.


Importance of a Good Team in Custom Home Building

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For a custom home project to be successful, it is important to put together a great team to handle the project. A team would typically consist of a designer, builder, architect and other contractors. It is crucial to hire experts with plenty of experience in their field. It is also not a bad idea to consult multiple designers or architects for your project especially if your project is a big one. But, you should always use only one builder for your project. Also, it is not advisable to change your builder in the middle of the project. Therefore, hiring a good builder in the starting stage itself become extremely important. If you compromise on this step, then you may have to face major problems later on in the project. 

Regular meetings between the designer, builder and architect are crucial for the success of your project. You need to discuss about the budget to make sure that it is on the right track. You also need to make sure that the deadlines are met. If any modifications are to be made, those need to be discussed in the meetings.


Building Custom Home vs Buying Used Home 

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Do you think that buying a used home and remodeling it is a good option? You need to think again. You need to consider the possibility of a custom home instead of a home remodel. It is always a good idea to go for a new home instead of a used home.

Building a new custom home is better than buying an existing home mainly because you will never be sure of the quality of construction of a used home. You have not overseen its construction. You can never be sure about its quality. 

You can utilize modern construction technology and methods in your new custom home development project instead of trying to upgrade a home built with outdated construction methods.

You can have a new modern design for your new custom home with ease. All you need to do is identify the right custom home builder to handle your project. Everything else would be taken care of by the builder. 

You can make sure to build an energy efficient custom home instead of buying a non-efficient home and ending up paying high utility bills.