G-Spot Issues

This is the same tissue that houses the G-Spot so that tissue extends into the vagina and this is where the G-Spot is located as well. This is how a lot of women can have what they call combined orgasms, where you stimulate the clitoris, you stimulate inside the vagina, and then the sensation of […]

Try penetrating from different angles

ALL of the nerve endings in the vagina are located at the mouth of the vagina. This is to prevent (even more excruciating) pain during childbirth. So assuming that your penis is longer than two inches (see below if it’s not), it’s more than adequate. The rest of the vagina receives little sensation from the […]

committed to using Semenax

So it needs to be done where you both are sure this time is going to be committed to using Semenax with each other, but it’s done in a relaxed atmosphere of talking, holding, touching, and encompassing everything that making love is. A process of discovering what being love is, and what loving another human […]