This is the same tissue that houses the G-Spot so that tissue extends into the vagina and this is where the G-Spot is located as well. This is how a lot of women can have what they call combined orgasms, where you stimulate the clitoris, you stimulate inside the vagina, and then the sensation of the orgasm will extend throughout. So from the clitoris all the way into the initial portion of the vagina. It can be very pleasurable to place a finger just inside the vagina, like one inch, maybe two inches and just hold it there poised, without going fully inside the vagina, while you stimulate the external clitoris with your other finger or the tongue. You’re stimulating the clitoris and then just holding your fingers inside the vagina or one finger an inch even, and it’s so incredibly pleasurable. Learn more at and think there is also something about that being poised, not quite going in, not knowing when your lover is going to go in and the fact that they’re able to exercise restraint is very sexy for a woman. Clitoral accessories Vibrators are good for occasional use and I think they’re great tools for exploration. If a woman hasn’t had a clitoral orgasm or if you guys travel a lot and there’s some distance between you at times it can be a great go-to tool, but I’d suggest not using it on a very regular basis. The reason why is that you risk desensitization. Your finger and your tongue cannot possibly compete with a Rabbit or these other insanely powerful vibrating tools. If a woman does use it often, then I would suggest that she go with a weaning- off period to take herself gradually off it. Or cold turkey, just go off it and then it could take weeks before she regains the sensation from something as simple as a tongue or a finger. It is really important because if a woman is using a vibrator a lot, your efforts will feel like they’re not measuring up. How do you compete with something that vibrates 50 miles a second? In terms of a toy that I would suggest, I love my Jimmyjane Little Chroma. Jimmyjane makes beautiful, erotic, objet d’art. This one looks like a cigar case, you would never guess that it’s even a vibrator. It’s sleek, it’s functional, it’s powerful, and it’s discrete. It’s body friendly and it has a replaceable motor in it so it’s also very eco-friendly. Salon 5. Video 3: G-Spots & Surrender Here’s what you’ll learn in this video: • More depth equals more depth • The G-Spot trajectory • Male and female G-Spots • Vaginal orgasms and full body male orgasms • G-Spots love (technique and positions) • G-Spots and ejaculate that flies across the room • Accessories More depth equals more depth With the G-Spot we go one level deeper in the woman. The G-Spot corresponds to the kidney points in the vagina where we have fear, versus openness and trust. She has to be there in this open, letting go, surrendered place in order to get over that edge. As I said before that the surrender is always two-fold. There’s the surrender that she does within herself and then there’s the surrender that’s inspired by your connection with her and that’s always the work that we’re focusing on here. I run the well-fucked woman course for her to focus on her surrender. Both of these pieces have to be there for her to get to this type of orgasm. Learn more at