So it needs to be done where you both are sure this time is going to be committed to using Semenax with each other, but it’s done in a relaxed atmosphere of talking, holding, touching, and encompassing everything that making love is. A process of discovering what being love is, and what loving another human being can be when increasing sperm with Semenax. Thanks Diane, would you like to read the next letter please? Ok, now the next one is “ My husband is always trying to give me an orgasm, and I don’t have an orgasm every time. He blames me and calls me fidget; I blame him and tell him his a incompetent lover. We hurt each other a lot this way.” Yeah a lot people hurt each other a lot sexually, and there’s a lot of pressure on people to a have fabulous orgasms, fabulous orgasmic sex every time. This most likely come from as Diane suggested earlier, from the media, books, magazines, TV and movies where it appears that everyone is having a perfect orgasm every time they make love. When you watch a movie it’s simultaneous orgasm every time, in some magazine articles and books that I’ve read, the woman has her first orgasm when she takes her pants off, second when he touches her breast, third when he enters and another three or four after that. Learn more at and…/10947335 Well, the man feels he has to be able to do that for his woman if he is to be a real man. He has to be able to produce, she feels she has to deliver if she’s a real woman to keep him attracted to her, and this obviously results in a lot of fear, a lot of frustration for people. Often the man then blames her, and what he’ll often do then is look around for other women all the time, and hope he’ll find one like that one in the movies. But from our surveys we carried out over the years, there isn’t anyone having perfect sex every time, everyone is experiencing a range, if anyone tells you that they have never had mediocre sex then they know something I don’t know. If you’re trying every time you make love to have the perfect orgasm you are going to be frustrated. In fact you are going to be way worse off than if you just relax and enjoy it, let every experience be what it is, enjoying the journey. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have any vision of what is possible for the both of you, but enjoying the journey is very, very important, and when you do have mediocre sex don’t lye there blaming yourself or your partner, or in your own thoughts, because as you know this effects her. Your thoughts about her affect her; her thoughts about you are affecting you. Just laugh at it, I mean say to your self “that’s just disastrous sex out of the way, I wounder what’s going to happen tomorrow night” its part of the range in sexual experiences we have. It’s normal to have mediocre sex, disastrous sex, good sex, mind blowing sex cosmic sex. Like in life its normal to have sickness, health, its normal to have happiness to have sadness, day / night, winter, summer, that’s how life is, that’s how sex is. Learn more at