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Recover Data from Recording Studio

I had external drives connected to my iMac. i used to be using terminal to erase/layout JHFS+ on disk4 but it couldn’t find the disk and appeared to transport on and erased disk3. i have scanned it more than one times with recovery programs however have now not yet taken any motion because the documents I need maximum do not show up. they’re *.BR2 and *.VR8 files generated by means of a boss digital Recording Studio BR1600. What are my threat of having a whole undelete? one of the scans confirmed up approximately 700k files however best the clean ones MP3,MP4,document,XLXS,Numbers,Pages and so on. also what is the possibly price if it’s far reversible?

My computer is damaged and that i would really like to retrieve all statistics, but in particular pics, from it. external USB Hardrive (WD 2TB Passport) fell off table landing vertically on floor, connector side up. Now whilst plugged into my Mac, the pressure makes a clicking noise and the light flashes. The force would not display in Finder, but appears in Disk utility, however the single partition is greyed out as if eject. If it makes any distinction, the pressure turned into plugged into my RAID server when it broke, but the statistics had commenced copying off the drive yet. The force turned into about 1/3 to 1/2 full with records, with the general public of it being audio documents.

I’ve an giving a message ” the request is failed due to a deadly tool hardware blunders”. It has plenty of very vital subsidized up files which i am desperate to get to as my computer has been stolen. I found http://24hourcomputerrepairs.com/phone-hard-drive-data-recovery/ this information and i wonder how plenty it fee to get the facts off? How lengthy it’d take and in case you are open next Monday

Failed/failing standalone hard disk. Host OS generates SATA errors (command failures, resets and many others.) whilst looking to get right of entry to the power. clever self tests fail with study errors. pressure is branded as a Samsung “Momentus” however is surely a Seagate ST1000LM024 2.5″ 1 TB SATA (used as an outside pressure via USB). would love to explore options for information recuperation. I found some similar questions on this blog page and the suggestions were helpful allowing me to recover my data.

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Advice for Phone Recovery

I have a blackberry classic which i need to recover deleted texts and call records. I found this link about phones that no longer work and wonder if this is the type of service you offer? I am quite desperate the get the data recovered from my Blackberry Classic phone. If you can do this please provide some prices!

Phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) was partially dropped into water for no more than a couple of seconds. The phone will not switch on and is not visible when connected to a laptop. I would like to get the photos from the phone if possible. I read lots of decent advice about what to do on the http://johnnyforeigner.jimdo.com/ blog and wonder if anyone has used any of the recommendations found there?

I dropped my iPhone 6 down the toilet last Friday. It has been completely lifeless since, although when plugged into my computer it recognises that it is an iPhone in recovery mode. I took it to a local mobile repair service who tried to fix it but said it was beyond repair. I am not worried about repairing the phone as I have phone insurance that can replace it. However there are pictures from the last week on there that have not been backed up to my iCloud (we were on holiday and had no wifi). So I have lost all my pictures from the holiday and hoped you may be able to help get them back? Your service is described well by http://phone-recovery.pen.io/ which is why I chose to contact you. Could you let me know if you think that might be possible and how much it would cost please? I have been borrowing my husbands phone (which is the number I have provided) but alternatively you can email me I have access to them on my iPad.

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