I have a blackberry classic which i need to recover deleted texts and call records. I found this link about phones that no longer work and wonder if this is the type of service you offer? I am quite desperate the get the data recovered from my Blackberry Classic phone. If you can do this please provide some prices!

Phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) was partially dropped into water for no more than a couple of seconds. The phone will not switch on and is not visible when connected to a laptop. I would like to get the photos from the phone if possible. I read lots of decent advice about what to do on the http://johnnyforeigner.jimdo.com/ blog and wonder if anyone has used any of the recommendations found there?

I dropped my iPhone 6 down the toilet last Friday. It has been completely lifeless since, although when plugged into my computer it recognises that it is an iPhone in recovery mode. I took it to a local mobile repair service who tried to fix it but said it was beyond repair. I am not worried about repairing the phone as I have phone insurance that can replace it. However there are pictures from the last week on there that have not been backed up to my iCloud (we were on holiday and had no wifi). So I have lost all my pictures from the holiday and hoped you may be able to help get them back? Your service is described well by http://phone-recovery.pen.io/ which is why I chose to contact you. Could you let me know if you think that might be possible and how much it would cost please? I have been borrowing my husbands phone (which is the number I have provided) but alternatively you can email me I have access to them on my iPad.