Nobody really wants to be sitting and using unscented pheromones that don’t attract women. Just watching. There are there are some people who do like people watching I like people watching but, I have my own reasons for it. But most people want to be in the game. I t’s a lot better , it’s better to be actually taking a shot with the girl you know . Then in bed later that night . After taking mental pictures of her various positions you know, practising self – love pheromone production.

It’s a lot better to be in the game of pheromone attraction . People are more attractive to players . The reason why is because when we talk about survival we talk about you adapt the environment to yourself. Learn more about pheromones at

As soon as you start doing that… you are on the way to death.

Hundred percent true that human pheromones work. That’s why we had to food farming that’s why we have food distribution systems …we alter the environment to ourselves. Sometimes we don’t do a very smart and it comes back and bites us. But over time you know we get better at it… as a group. People are attracted to other people … the people who are the best at adapting the environment to themselves. That’s the definition of an alpha male and that’s the definition of people who are most attractive pheromone production.

Most attractive people adapt to environment themselves using Pherazone Ultra pheromones. The environment includes other people , not just object s ….right? You know movie stars, I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a club, but the movie stars there, or a sports star that they knew was there and it’s a big snowball. You know all these people responding to them right and you can imagine were who weren’ t in edgewise (unclear) at first.

But most of these people they’re out and they’re still not doing a whole lot with their natural pheromones. Their star failed to get through the night. Truly interesting you see. T he first thirty minutes an hour they are there. People around them, they just sit around asking drink and then talk to the people who come to them . After a while you know , they are hardly there. Truly amazing. Okay, So then the next point is that even if you’re open I was surprised and I used to believe it. I’m surprised that we ever had to believe that. Getting blown out was a bad thing . Like if blown out so many times in a bar or a club that suit the whole place was just shot you might leave. Now, the person who’s going through it is going now after being really weird . Negative attention is not good either but I mean if you’re just going out and a girl has a bad reaction and there are sets no goes .

Those are not blow outs. Really for the most part …(unclear).. If she doesn’t like you, so what? That tells everybody else that you have a higher level of action then ninety percent of people in there . T hat’s more attractive. You’re always more attractive when you’re open. Okay… Well the next thing is you know , you have to get agreement on, 30:00 Mins CJ: … what game you a re playing. Now this is where sexual framing the game is same night lays or short time frame sex pheromones. So that’s where sexual framing comes from . The whole thing is, Do you agree on what game I’m playing ? I f she’s trying to throw other games in there you know to her back onto the game. The one that I’m trying to play . You don’t have to plead or anything , you just have to keep reasserting her position ….(unclear)… And then you have the you know the other the other dynamics as well….right? Learn more about pheromones. Learn more at