So I’m kind of reframing and un-brainwashing that whole idea
there is helpful. I’m going on a tangent. So long story short, you’ve got to
have that blood sugar mild fluctuations. You get hungry, you eat a good fat and
protein meal, blood sugar comes back up to a safe, healthy level. And then you
gradually slump down. Now you’re ready for dinner,. And then you come back up,
and then maybe, if your adrenal attacks, maybe you have a little some full fat
yogurt or a little bit of coconut oil or something like that before you go to
bed to help smooth your nighttime rhythm out. That way you’re not waking up at
2 or 3 AM with your heart racing, because your blood sugar dropped due to Vigrx
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Okay, great. Since we’re already talking nutrition, I think
we’ll just keep going. And then later I’m going to ask you about lifestyle, and
supplements. You’re talking about some of the macronutrients that we don’t have
to slave over and watch every little bit. But do you have any foods you
especially like or especially dislike for hormones? Bison. I love bison. Bison
meat, elk meat. I used to think, man, organic grass-fed beef, oh, so delicious,
and then I got a hold of some good quality bison meat, and I was like, Wow,
bison is amazing. Why am I saying bison and elk? Well, they taste amazing, but they
have a great macronutrient ratio. So you’re going to get plenty of good fats,
and plenty of good protein, as opposed to chicken. Unless you’re getting
really, really dark meat, you’re mostly just getting small amount of fat,
decent amount of protein. I like more to get fats, and protein in the same
meal. Then I got exposed to some good quality elk meat, and I was like, Wow,
this is even better than bison. To me, in terms of taste, and deliciousness you
have beef, bison, and then the top of the food chain is elk. I’m still trying
to get my wife my elk burgers. But once she knows how good they are for her
hormones, maybe she’ll be convinced that
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Typically they just have the elk brick of ground meat, but
that’s good enough.
  Yeah. There’s an elk
farm outside of Portland that we saw a couple times, but that’s been a while. I
have to go back, and I’ll be thinking about it. Do you want to give us a couple
of our favorite foods? Sure. I’m a big fan of broccoli. I really like steaming
broccoli. You can just get organic broccoli, and steam it, and throw some
butter and pink salt on there. I really like a lot of women to eat broccoli
because it has a lot of sulfur in it. And when you are adding sulfur back into
your diet from food, sulfur is helpful in producing GABA. So these women that
are emotionally distraught, once they start getting in these sulfur-rich
foods—onions count, as well—you start to help natural support of GABA level.
It’s not like you’re going to eat some broccoli, and feel like you just took a
Xanax, and get knocked out.