My Journey: Early Life I had no pheromones: I started out life in a middle class rural setting. Living in the Midwest I was surrounded by more cows than neighbors. I was a geeky little nerdling. Generally I spent my time engaged in one various martial art or another, watching horror or action movies, and planning my next Halloween. Learn more about pheromones at and Which, was going to be the best one ever! I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about girls. When it came to girls my mother said, “Get her something nice,” so, listening to that misguided advice I showered the girls I liked with little gifts and put them up on a pedestal. Needless to say my pheromone affections were not returned. Jr. High School and High School: My interests had broadened to include talking about the girls my small group of friends and I wished we could date, Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic: The Gathering. I figured if I couldn’t have the girl I wanted at least I’d still be happy escaping into fantasy with true pheromone sprays. Although, I didn’t realize it at the time, the role-playing games, Magic: The Gathering, and having a small core of completely loyal friends would serve me well in life. Unlike most nerds, I did have a few small successes with girls during this time period. Two girls had let me feel them up, older good girl types looking to experiment with a cute guy. The basic idea was nobody would believe me if I started talking and would ruin what little reputation I had with natural pheromones. I used natural pheromones Other times, when I mustered the courage to talk to a girl, I would get solidly placed into the friend zone. I only had one official date in high school. It was awkward and involved my brothers and their friends shadowing my date and myself. They were trying to make me look bad in front of my date at an amusement park, but the joke was on them; I was more then capable of making myself look bad using real pheromones. This time period can be best summed up by my general confusion about girls and I remember thinking, “Some girls you just click with and some, most, you don’t.” The time had come to reinvent myself. In college I decided I would be the cool kid, the popular kid, and the guy that got a girlfriend. Which worked…for a while. I attribute two things to my success in those early days. The first was finding a core group of close friends who were completely loyal and that I could count on if and when my attempts to ask out classmates failed. The second was being fortunate enough to have known two natural seducers. They weren’t the smooth talking L.L. Cool J types I’d been lead to believe were the seducers of the world, nor were they like the captain of the football team I’d known in high school. Jim was a cheesy, pretty boy type [who wore guy-liner], and went after what he wanted. He saw a girl he liked and he went and talked to her. Maybe it would work out, maybe it wouldn’t. Shawn was a sappy Latino guy with an exotic edge and a lot of energy. He was fond of kissing girl’s hands when he met them and was known for disappearing to the bathroom with the girl of his choice at pheromone parties. Learn more at