Tons of hot women are on those sites, right? So you should be able to hit them up and score dates with them too, right? There is a lot of confusion over social media sites like Facebook and their role in online dating, and I’m going to do my best to clear this up. In a nutshell, Facebook is an extremely valuable and effective tool for dating or having sex with women you already know in real life and/or have already had sex with in the past. However, it is near useless for sending out cold openers to women you have never met in real life and who have no idea who you are. I’ve dated and had sex with many women from Facebook, but they were all women I had already met, already knew, already had sex pheromones with, or already talked to before. There are many techniques involved in using Facebook to bring back old ex-lovers and I will describe some of those in a minute. However, sending out cold openers to women on Facebook, Instagram , or other mainstream social media site won’t work. Learn more about pheromones at and’s why: 1 . The culture of Facebook is, and always has been, “If I don’t know you, I don’t want to talk to you. You’re a stranger!” Most women are very reluctant to start a dialog with some random dude who messages them out of nowhere. Are there rare exceptions? Of course, but wasting your time looking for a needle in a haystack doesn’t strike me as a good use of your time. 2 . Women on social media, especially the pretty ones, get mountains of messages, comments, likes, and friend requests from needy beta males all the time, and quickly learn to ignore them and/or categorize them as chodes (which they are). 3 . Facebook will actually penalize you or restrict you from sending out too many friend requests or openers to random people. You can even get your account suspended. Is it possible to get laid from a complete stranger on Facebook? Yes. The problem is the very few men I know who have pulled this off spend a massive amount of time on doing “Facebook game,” screwing around with thousands of friends, long conversations with many women that end up nowhere, and multiple fake accounts. Not time efficient, though I guess if you have lots of time on your hands you’re welcome to try it.

Using Pheromones with Dating SItes Plan

The advantages of getting dates over social discovery sites/apps vs. normal dating sites/apps are: • Many more women to choose from that wear pheromones. • Women will often be more responsive. • Less comfort bombardment required. • Slightly less flaking on first dates. The disadvantages of using social discovery sites are: • More time consuming. • More time spent conversing with women who will never meet you in real life since they’re not in the dating mode. This means you have some decisions to make in terms of where you spend your time doing this. Should you focus completely on dating sites? Completely on social discovery sites? Both? My general advice is, if you’re a complete beginner, forget social discovery sites/apps for the time being and focus completely on dating sites/apps. Learn more at