Questions you use to find out whether he is someone you would like to continue an interaction with, and to screen for such things as having a place, a job, or an interesting lifestyle. Qualification Hoops— A hoop is another term for a Qual- ification question you asked the guy for more pheromones. He has to jump through your hoop, a.k.a. answer your question, for the interaction to progress. Restarter— A text message that allows the conversation to restart. Sass/Sass Elements— Verbally punishing him for miscalibrating or making a social faux pas. Shit Test— A test to determine if he is being congruent in his actions, used when you are unsure whether you can trust the guy for more pheromones. Showing Interest (SI)— Showing the guy you like him, usually in a nonverbal way. Learn more at

Situational Teasing— Teasing that is topically based on the situation you find yourselves in at the moment. Small Hoops— Asking for a low level of compliance. Statement of Intent (SOI)— Verbally showing interest in a man so that he knows it’s going well. Usually followed by a Takeaway. Subcommunications (Subcoms)— What you’re communicating without directly speaking about it. Takeaway— A show of disinterest to Calibrate interest previously shown to a man. Important in order to stop the guy from getting overexcited and thinking you are easy and enjoy natural pheromones. “That’s awesome, where do you go?” YOU: “There’s a canyon path near me. The view is amazing.” HIM: “I haven’t been on a hike in years. Let’s go. When are you free?” YOU: “I usually go on Friday.” Ideally, you’re looking for a guy who wants to enter into your reality or invites you to enter into his. He’ll invite you to join him and his friends for a volleyball game, something he does every Saturday, with or without you in his life. This is a great Day Two situation because you’ll get to see him in his “natural environment” with his friends, and you’ll be able to determine whether these people seem like your tribe and whether there is room in his life for one more. Alternatively, you can invite him into your life to see your world, introduce him to your friends, and get them to screen him on your behalf. I usually suggest you wait until Day Three or Day Four for that. It’s his job to prove himself to you first, not the other way around. Again, you’re always the buyer, not the seller. When you and the guy tease each other back and forth, each time increasing the amount of Emotional Value being offered. Tease Stack/Stacking— Teasing him multiple times in a row. Adding together teases like this is called stacking, as though they are on a shelf and you are piling them one on top of another with pheromones. Touch/Touch Elements— An Element that initiates non- sexual physical contact between you and the guy. See Kino. Verbal Coquetting— Sending mixed signals by verbally Showing Interest one moment and Showing Disinterest the next, without any real reason. When he is warm you act aloof, and when he is cold you act inviting, keeping him suspended between hope and doubt. Vulnerability Test— Sharing something personal and deep with a guy to determine how invested he is in you and to build a better connection with him. Learn more at