Try penetrating from different angles

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ALL of the nerve endings in the vagina are located at the mouth of the vagina. This is to prevent (even more excruciating) pain during childbirth. So assuming that your penis is longer than two inches (see below if it’s not), it’s more than adequate. The rest of the vagina receives little sensation from the penis, no matter how big it is. You’re worried about width not length? Width doesn’t matter either since the vagina stretches only enough to accommodate the penis. The fact is, even if you are a genital mismatch, it should be blatantly obvious from reading all this that Mother Nature’s already thought of the solution. Lecture over. Now here’s some practical advice that should clear up any residual problems! A big penis is something to boast about and sometimes the owner thinks that’s enough on its own to turn women on. So he doesn’t bother developing any foreplay skills and becomes very penetration focused by tending to think of sex as intercourse only. I’m not saying all well endowed men are like this, but some do get a little carried away with the I’ve-got-a-big-one thing, The fact is that while whopping great penises may impress other men, they tend to freak women out. The organ most important to female sexual arousal is the clitoris, not the vagina, and it’s stimulated by hands and tongues, not by a thrusting penis. He Should: Make sure you’re fully aroused before he penetrates, so that the vagina expands and lubricates. Spend lots of time on foreplay so that you can accommodate him. Push down with your vaginal muscles while he’s penetrating. Comfort yourself with logic: your vaginal muscles are elastic enough to take the biggest penis — after all, you can deliver a baby from the same place! Get him to try massaging the entrance of your vagina with his fingers using a water-based lubricant, for several minutes before intercourse. He should: Squeeze that tube of lube! — even if she’s wet to start with. Penetrate slowly, and stop each step of the way so that your bodies become accustomed to each other, Let her control the insertion. Try penetrating from different angles to see which feels comfortable. If you’re really big she might not want full penetration! Keep thrusting shallow and gentle. Have intercourse just before she’s about to have an orgasm from oral sex or manual masturbation so that she’s as lubricated and expanded as possible. And the moral of the story is…well, it’s pretty obvious, really. Penis size does not equal sexual prowess. Learn more at http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20161115/boost-your-stamina-in-bedroom Luckily, a sexual mismatch like mine doesn’t mean you’re doomed forever. Lopsided love isn’t a problem if it’s confined purely to the genital area. So whether Cupid’s aimed his arrow to link a small penis with a large vagina or matched petite with jumbo the other way around, it all evens out in the long run. I gulped, he readwed under the bed to produce an economy- size, pump-pack of lubricant and an extra-large condom that the entire US army could have camped inside. Then he unceremoniously unzipped his pants to unleash The Beast He slapped on more lubricant than a brothel would use in a week, stared me in the eye, and said (and l’m not joking), “Climb on board, baby.” He wasn’t joking either. Learn more at http://chrshrt112.typepad.com/blog/2016/11/dominant-males-and-intimacy.html and http://ekta-parishad.org/orgasmic-states-beyond-pleasure/